Reshaping Pediatric Eye Care: How Treehouse Eyes and Engage Technologies Group are Fighting Childhood Myopia

Reshaping Pediatric Eye Care: How Treehouse Eyes and Engage Technologies Group are Fighting Childhood Myopia

Childhood myopia can be vexing for parents. Since the disease progresses slowly in kids, parents usually discover it late and can feel like they’re constantly trying to catch up. The symptom of myopia, blurry distance vision, has historically been corrected with glasses, but glasses don’t treat the underlying issue, which is an eye growing too long. Medical advancements in the last decade or so now enable myopia in children to be treated, reducing the lifelong impact on vision and eye health risks associated with myopia.

Treehouse Eyes, the leader in childhood myopia management treatment, has always offered a patient-centric approach that helps families know they’re getting the support they need. Treehouse has been able to stop the progression in 78% of the patients they’ve treated.

Founded in Washington, DC, Treehouse has offices in 20 states, making it the largest myopia management provider in America.

“Treating childhood myopia is an emerging specialty. One particular challenge all providers have is that most parents don’t even know this kind of treatment is an option. Delivering the right message to parents is critical. We found this was not always happening consistently across our 65+ Treehouse Eyes providers around the country. So, automating this key step in the customer journey with Engage Technologies Group has helped us ensure our message is delivered clearly and easily by the practice in an engaging format that helps parents make the decision to start treatment for their child.” – Matt Oerding, CEO & Co-founder, Treehouse Eyes

Treehouse’s comprehensive and personalized treatment regimens were instantly a great match for the timely and informative videos supplied by Engage Technologies Group. Together they developed Treehouse AMP™ (automated marketing platform), a series of short educational videos using Engage’s proprietary storytelling and technology platform. All Treehouse Eyes providers can now easily start the parent education process with a QR code or text push, giving parents relevant information about myopia to help them take action to help their child.

The platform aims to streamline the process of educating parents about myopia treatment and increase the likelihood of parents opting for treatment for their children. The platform is also designed to reduce chair time and increase the close rate for myopia management consultations, as when parents come in for a clinical evaluation, they already have a baseline of education.

Treehouse Eyes piloted the AMP/Engage video platform for a pilot phase of two months. During the pilot phase, practices using the platform found that they needed less time to educate parents and that parents were more likely to proceed with treatment.

Dr. Meera Sutaria, an owner of InSight Eye Optique and Treehouse Eyes provider, praises the platform for its ease of use and consistency in messaging, which helps parents make decisions about myopia treatment for their children.

David Pennington, SVP ocular sales at Engage Technologies Group, expresses excitement about collaborating with Treehouse Eyes to bring their proven technology platform and storytelling to myopia management.

Engage’s platform reaches patients where they are, and gives them, story-based, actionable information right when they need it most. This partnership makes us even more effective in our mission to help families and fight childhood myopia.

To take a deeper dive into Treehouse Eyes, visit If you’re ready to experience Engage’s cutting-edge patient engagement and education solutions, reach out to our team today!

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