Dental Care Simplified Through Mobile Technology

Access video libraries of common surgical procedures to help empower your patient’s healthcare journey by delivering timely educational content to their mobile device.

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Fully Automated Patient Process

Walk through your patient’s process and see how they’ll be cared for before, during, and after their procedure.


Once your patient opts in using their mobile device, they’ll start receiving short educational videos. These will help them better understand why they’re a good candidate for dental implants and what procedure options are available.


Knowing prior knowledge before the procedure allows the patient to feel confident walking into the dental implant surgery. This reduces doubt, questions, and confusion on the day of their procedure.


Now that the patient’s dental implant surgery has been successful, they’ll receive a final round of short videos to inform them on what to expect in recovery.

Fully Customized to Your Practice

Pick and choose among hundreds of patient-education materials depending on your practice needs. 

In-office print material
Custom video content
Unique patient experience

Experience it for yourself.

Simply open your camera and hold it over the QR code. Tap the prompt to receive a personalized, practice-branded video demo describing a recommended treatment.

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