Engage Technologies Group Welcomes Dr. Anish Thakkar to its Medical Advisory Board of ENT and Audiology

Engage Technologies Group Welcomes Dr. Anish Thakkar

We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Anish V. Thakkar, Au.D., a renowned audiologist and founder of the LA Center for Hearing & Balance, to Engage Technologies Group’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB) for ENT and Audiology. With his vast experience and multicultural background, Dr. Thakkar is the perfect addition to our team as we continue to support healthcare professionals and patients in the fast-growing audiology industry.

Hailing from New York, Dr. Thakkar studied International Studies and Japanese at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before diving into audiology at UC San Diego & San Diego State University. His remarkable career took him to Tokyo, an Oakland-based private practice in 2017, and finally to the establishment of the LA Center for Hearing & Balance in 2020.

Dr. Thakkar’s expertise in amplification, tinnitus management, and hearing protection demonstrates his commitment to providing exceptional care in a friendly clinic atmosphere. As a proponent of Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) for personalized hearing solutions, he has presented his research at the American Academy of Audiology annual conference. Moreover, his fluency in English, Spanish, Japanese, and Hindi allows him to offer consultations in multiple languages, expanding our MAB’s reach and impact.

The recent FDA approval of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids has made them more accessible and affordable. However, this also presents challenges, such as self-diagnosis risks and potential hearing damage due to a lack of customization. Engage’s patient education and engagement technology, backed by its MAB, addresses these challenges by offering essential information and guidance. Dr. Thakkar’s expertise will be instrumental in developing educational content to increase awareness of hearing loss and available solutions, ultimately enhancing patients’ lives.

By employing Engage’s technology and MAB-developed educational materials, healthcare professionals can more effectively educate and engage with their patients, ensuring the proper use of OTC and clinically-fit hearing aids. Dr. Thakkar‘s dedication to quality care, multicultural communication, and innovative hearing solutions will significantly contribute to Engage’s mission of promoting consumer education and awareness while fostering industry advancements.

Please join us in warmly welcoming Dr. Anish Thakkar to the Engage Technologies Group family. We eagerly look forward to the valuable contributions he will make to our team and the field of Audiology as a whole.

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