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When we know better, we choose better. Our platform delivers easily digestible short-form video education for common procedures to a patients’ mobile device.


Patient education video journeys.

Engage every patient along their entire procedure journey with consistent educational videos. From pre-consultation to pre-op and post-op, your engagement with the patient increases satisfaction, practice loyalty, and interest in other premium services.

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Episodes in this Journey:

    1. What is it?
    2. Cataract surgery
    3. Lens options
    4. The basic lens
    5. Multifocal lens
    6. Vision correcting lenses
    7. FAQ


Episodes in this Journey:

    1. LASIK and other procedures
    2. What is it?
    3. Is LASIK right for you?
    4. What to expect


Episodes in this Journey:

    1. ICL and other procedures
    2. ICL


Episodes in this Journey:

    1. PRK and other procedures
    2. PRK


Episodes in this Journey:

    1. SMILE and other procedures
    2. SMILE


Episodes in this Journey:

    1. RLE and other procedures
    2. RLE


Episodes in this Journey:

    1. Understanding Glaucoma
    2. Treatment Options

Dry Eye

Episodes in this Journey:

    1. Dry eye intro
    2. Mild dry eye
    3. Moderate dry eye
    4. Severe dry eye

Diabetic Retinopathy

Episodes in this Journey:

    1. Overview
    2. Options

Macular Degeneration

Episodes in this Journey:

    1. Overview
    2. Treatments

Customized to your practice.

Choose your patient-education materials depending on your practice needs. Deliver expertly-curated knowledge on cataracts, dry eye syndrome, refractive, macular degeneration, and more.

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Medical Advisory Board of Ophthalmology

Engage educational materials are created by doctors for doctors. Provide your patients with factual, up-to-date research in the Ophthalmology industry.

Medical Advisory Board of Optometry

Only the finest, real-world Optometrists are sought to assist Engage in creating our story-driven content. 

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