Engage Technologies Group Welcomes Dr. Keith E. Matheny to its Medical Advisory Board for ENT and Audiology

We are elated to introduce Dr. Keith E. Matheny, a Vanderbilt-trained Otolaryngologist with an emphasis on Rhinology & Sleep in adults and children, to Engage Technologies Group’s Medical Advisory Board (MAB) for ENT and Audiology. Dr. Matheny is an enthusiastic innovator with a passion for the business aspects of Otolaryngology. He consistently embraces new technology, pharmacotherapy, and procedures in ENT.

Having amassed numerous patents and pending patents on bioabsorbable, local drug-delivery implants for use in sinus and ear surgery, Dr. Matheny has founded two device companies, Septum Solutions and Otologic Solutions, that have utilized these cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, he is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of US ENT Partners, an ENT-focused Group Purchasing Organization that provides significant cost savings on essential supplies for ENT physicians. He also co-founded Sleep Vigil, a company at the forefront of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) for sleep apnea.

Dr. Matheny’s extensive contributions to the scientific community include numerous journal publications and insightful presentations on his clinical research and topics related to the business of medicine. His expertise and entrepreneurial spirit will undoubtedly be invaluable assets to our Medical Advisory Board.

Beyond his professional commitments, Dr. Matheny’s creative side shines through in his custom, 3D-printed jewelry business, Tuff-Links. His dedication to community service is also noteworthy, providing charity clinics for multiple school districts around his practice, serving on the local YMCA Board, and fulfilling the role of otolaryngologist for the Dallas Cowboys.

We wholeheartedly welcome Dr. Keith E. Matheny to Engage Technologies Group’s Medical Advisory Board, confident that his expertise and passion will strengthen our mission to effectively educate and engage with patients. His invaluable insights are set to empower the audiology sector.

At Engage Technologies Group, we continually strive for advancements in healthcare technology and feel privileged to have Dr. Matheny on our team. Together, we aim to drive positive change in the industry, benefiting both professionals and patients.

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