Engage Technologies Group Partners with FocalPoint Holdings to Enhance Patient Education and Engagement with Promptly Integration

Engage Technologies Group has joined forces with FocalPoint Holdings and integrated with their software, Promptly, to offer cutting-edge patient education and engagement solutions to medical practices. This partnership brings together Engage’s powerful patient education and practice optimization platform with Promptly’s comprehensive suite of patient experience solutions to create a seamless, customized patient journey.

Engage Technologies Group is a fast-growing SaaS-based technology platform that provides healthcare organizations with curated content delivery to patients at the height of interest and critical moment of need. The platform’s comprehensive Practice Performance System empowers patients to make informed decisions, soothes concerns, improves outcomes, and increases satisfaction. It also offers role-based training courses, business performance intelligence, data analytics, and a tailored roadmap to increase profitability, efficiency, and productivity.

Promptly is a comprehensive web-based suite designed for medical practices to enhance patient touchpoints, increase patient payments, and automate processes to alleviate staff. The suite includes features such as patient communication, insurance eligibility, patient payments, scheduling optimization, intake forms, patient cost estimates, online reputation management, referral management, and more.

The integration of Engage with Promptly provides medical practices with a powerful tool to deliver personalized, engaging patient education content at the point of care. Engage’s content library includes hundreds of educational videos and resources on a variety of health topics, as well as the ability to create custom patient journeys. The platform also includes a variety of engagement and reporting tools that help healthcare organizations collect data about their patients and track their progress.

By combining Engage’s powerful patient education platform with Promptly’s suite of patient experience solutions, medical practices can provide their patients with a seamless and personalized experience, from scheduling to post-appointment follow-up. This integration fills a void in patient education and automation within medical practices and is an exciting step forward in improving patient engagement and satisfaction.

The integration is now available and we look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have at practices looking to bring a modern and technology-friendly experience to their patients while alleviating tedious tasks from their staff’s workflows.

“We are thrilled to partner with Focal Point and integrate with Promptly to bring our patient education and engagement solutions to their customers,” said David Pennington, SVP, Ocular at Engage. “This integration will make it easy for medical practices to provide their patients with the information they need to make informed healthcare decisions.”


“The integration with Engage will allow us to offer our partner practices a more comprehensive solution.Together, our systems  will help them better educate their patients before and after their appointments while helping to reenforce the guidance of the clinical staff and improved their patient outcomes.” said Dr. Anish Kapur, President of FocalPoint Holdings – Promptly.


About Engage Technologies Group

Engage Technologies Group, one of the fastest growing technology companies in the Northwest, is a comprehensive, SaaS-based technology platform featuring a Practice Performance System that specializes in patient education and practice optimization. Engage improves patient engagement by closing the knowledge gap via curated content delivery to patients at the height of interest and critical moment of need to empower decisions, soothe concerns, improve outcomes, and increase satisfaction. On the practice optimization side, Engage provides role-based training courses in the areas of sales, finance, and operations as well as business performance intelligence, data analytics, and a tailored roadmap to increase profitability, efficiency, and productivity. For more information, please visit www.engagetg.com


About Promptly

A complete, contactless check-in solution for your practice. Promptly offers a patient-friendly UI whether using the in-office Kiosk or web-based version on their own device. Significantly increase efficiency when it comes to collecting patient payments, insurance/demographic information, insurance eligibility, intake forms, sending statements, and more. With geolocation capabilities, automated online scheduling, and a full reminder and recall system built-in, Promptly is your medical practice’s all-encompassing patient engagement suite. Find out more at www.promptlycheckin.com



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