Engage Technologies Group Names Distinguished Surgeon Dr. Geoff Trenkle to its Medical Advisory Board of ENT and Audiology

Engage Technologies Group is excited to announce the formation of its Medical Advisory Board (MAB) of ENT and Audiology and welcome the esteemed Dr. Geoff Trenkle as a founding member. As a distinguished surgeon and visionary leader with extensive experience in otolaryngology, clinical research, and medicine, Dr. Trenkle will be an invaluable addition to our MAB team.

Dr. Geoff Trenkle, Founder and CEO of the Los Angeles Center for Ear, Nose, Throat, and Allergy (LACENTA), leads a rapidly growing ENT practice, providing high-quality subspecialty care and exceptional customer service to underserved communities in Los Angeles. Dr. Trenkle also serves as the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Total Testing Solutions (TTS), a leading COVID-19 testing organization that identifies and evaluates innovative testing technologies.

The audiology industry is experiencing significant growth due to factors like an aging population, higher prevalence of hearing loss, and technological advancements in hearing aids and assistive devices. The recent FDA approval of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids has made them more accessible and affordable, while teleaudiology offers remote assessments and services.

However, the introduction of OTC hearing aids presents challenges for consumers, such as self-diagnosis risks and potential hearing damage due to lack of customization. Engage’s patient education and engagement technology solution, backed by its MAB, aims to address these challenges by providing essential information and guidance. The MAB helps our team develop educational content to raise awareness about hearing loss and available solutions–ultimately improving patients’ lives.

Engage’s technology benefits doctors and practices by allowing them to better educate and engage with their patients, ensuring appropriate use of OTC hearing aids. By utilizing our technology and MAB-crafted educational materials, healthcare professionals can support their patients in making informed decisions and promoting a safer and more effective experience for those seeking affordable hearing solutions.

Dr. Geoff Trenkle’s expertise will be vital in guiding the MAB’s mission to promote consumer education and awareness while fostering innovation and technological advancements. This collaboration will solidify Engage’s position in the industry and contribute to the ongoing growth and success of the audiology sector.

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