Dr. Grant Stevens Talks Engage-APX Merger, AI, Aesthetic Subscriptions, and The Aesthetic Meeting 2023

Dr. Grant Stevens, The Aesthetic Meeting 2023, Miami, FL

The aesthetics field is consistently advancing and filled with enthusiasm. Innovative tools, companies, and techniques continually emerge to enhance plastic surgery practices and patient care. Engage recently merged with APX to pursue these improvements. We talked with Dr. Stevens, a distinguished plastic surgeon out of Los Angeles, California, and the Chair and Chief Medical Information Officer at Engage. He shared his perspective on the future of aesthetics, the significance of this merger for practice optimization, and touched on The Aesthetics Meeting 2023.

Dr. Grant Stevens moves pretty fast. Between his recent appointment to Chairman at Engage Technologies Group, sitting on various other boards and running a ranch, he’s pretty busy.

We sat down and asked him something that’s totally in his wheelhouse – what to expect in the world of Aesthetics.

The Power of the Engage and APX Merger

First things first, we asked him about Engage and APX (pronounced: “Apex”) joining forces.

“I’d worked with Engage, and I’d worked with APX. I knew Lloyd and I’d known Terri and Izhak already for at least ten years. We were already discussing how Engage might work with APX, and then one day, a light went off in my head, and I thought, ‘why not bring both companies under one roof?’”

Stevens notes that there are great synergies.

“The merger combines Engage’s comprehensive suite of videos with the APX Dashboard to allow more efficient and effective practice and patient management.

Each makes the other better. It’s like we now have the third leg of the stool.”

Dr. Stevens views the merger of Engage and APX as an extension of technological advances that were already underway.

“When you think about it, we’re not that far past paper charts. EMR (electronic medical records) continues to be a game changer. And now, our ability to communicate with patients is unprecedented. Now, AI can show us how patients will look post- procedure, even when the procedure is nonsurgical. “

Revolutionizing Patient Communication

“Companies like Engage and APX have changed how thoroughly we can communicate with patients and clients.”

Stevens also highlights the new, expanded Aesthetics library from Engage as a tool that practices can utilize to increase conversions and upgrades.

“We look at how that medium allows the practice to communicate and push timely, targeted and relevant information to the patient BEFORE they’re being seen, then before surgery, and alto to manage expectations for during and after surgery. The company has recently produced a library for surgical AND non-surgical procedures.”

All of this adds up to clearer, more actionable communication between the practice and the patient.

A Sneak Peek into The Aesthetics Meeting 2023

And speaking of communication, Dr. Stevens is excited to talk about the upcoming Aesthetics Show Held By The Aesthetics Society.

“Our Hot Topics meeting on April 20 is a non-CME event, which makes it wonderfully un-filtered and great forum for learning,” Stevens points out.

“There is a LOT of buzz. All of the exhibition spaces are sold out, and we’ve got much higher registration numbers than in years past.

There’s also a new, single-fee format that lets you migrate and attend multiple lectures and trainings – you can find a menu of this on surgery.org.” Dr Stevens added.

Closing the Gap On Conversions

As Chairman of the Board at Engage-APX, Dr Stevens spends some of his time focusing on the industry-wide challenge of increasing conversion rates.

“If you look at the number of people who are interested in aesthetic procedures…versus the number of people who actually go through with booking and having these procedures, there is a giant gap.

Depending on who you believe, there may be 20% of the population who are interested in having a procedure, but only 3-5% or so who have those procedures. That is a giant delta, and that gives us an audience that we’re targeting.”

So it tracks that Dr. Stevens would want to remove obstacles for would-be patients and clients and increase conversion rates.

“It’s not just price that makes would-be patients hesitant; it’s a question of pain and recovery, and… it’s also an apprehension around a fear of “looking weird–”

Because we’re all subjected to these weird-looking patients in the media. But in fact, you can look very natural and it’s not uncomfortable. The prices are very reasonable, and now one of the most exciting things is something called PRIVI.

Insights on the Future of Aesthetic Subscriptions

PRIVI is a unique subscription aesthetic service that allows a patient to enroll in a subscription service and have a comfortable monthly payment and come in as frequently as the doctor and the injector recommend.

It’s a convenient monthly payment like Netflix; it’s variable and dynamic and the payments change if, for example you add a new toxin or filler. I think everyone should have PRIVI in their office and all the patients should be aware of it. In some cases, it has doubled the consumption of products within practices, and patients are happier and looking better. “

Stevens is optimistic, and that optimism is contagious. It’s a good time to be running an Aesthetics practice, as there are more tools than ever that can help a practice increase revenue and help more patients and clients move toward their aesthetic goals.

Engage and APX are proud to be working together at the forefront of this new wave in Aesthetics.

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