C. Lloyd Mahaffey Takes the Helm as CEO and President

C. Lloyd Mahaffey Takes the Helm as CEO at Engage Technologies Group

Any time a company gets a new CEO, it’s bound to raise a few eyebrows. Sometimes it can mean a company needs rescuing. Or sometimes… it can happen at just the right moment for a company ready to enter the next phase of growth. A seamless baton handoff, you might say. Our company is lucky enough to fall into this second category. Lloyd Mahaffey, our fearless COO, is taking on a new role and is now CEO. He has decades of experience in leadership, startups and helping companies succeed. Let’s take a look at what this means for the future of Engage. 

Where we’ve been 

Michael Boerner, former CEO and founder of Engage Technologies Group, led this company through four years of innovation, incredible partnerships, and growth. He has an unparalleled passion for technology, improving the healthcare experience, and making the world a better place. In his time as CEO, he helped forge strong relationships with some of the biggest healthcare brands in the nation like Alcon, Johnson and Johnson, and Allergan. Where we are as a company today is a testament to his dedication to the success of the company. This transition allows Michael to remain Chairman of the Board and advocate for the company, as well as focus on strengthening and building partnership.

Where we’re headed 

As Lloyd takes on the role of CEO, he will manage the day to day for the various teams at Engage. This means a transition to a leaner, faster-moving Engage. We’ll prioritize our focus to industries like Ocular and Aesthetics while honing in on how Engage plays a critical role in the omnichannel marketing strategy.  

“I am very pleased to see such a seasoned professional stepping into the role. Lloyd is the perfect leader with his outstanding experience to help position our company for the next exciting phase.” – Dr. Kristine Romine, Engage Medical Advisory Board, Engage Investor.

About Lloyd

Spend any amount with Lloyd and you’ll learn three things: he is committed to making Engage as successful as possible, he had the privilege of working with Steve Jobs during his time at Apple, and he is an avid sailor. His zoom background may or may not be a picture of his boat. But it is his knowledge, experience and expertise that makes his leadership invaluable at Engage.  

In case you needed any convincing, Lloyd’s career includes serving as a senior executive at Apple, VeriFone, HP, Redleaf Ventures, and, more recently, SmartStory. During his time as a venture capitalist in Silicon Valley, Mr. Mahaffey has been involved with 39 early-stage companies. And he has successfully completed more than $1.5 billion in private equity and public market transactions.  

Everyone here at Engage is excited to see the new heights that Lloyd’s leadership will usher in.


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